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Warding and you

Ever got angry because your teammate didn't miss-call an enemy hero that suddenly shows up in your lane ganking the nuts out of you?
Or perhaps you where flamed on because you didn't buy and place any wards as support during the entire game?

Well look no further as this is a basic guide on how to ward effectively at runespots to grant you the best possible vision. I will also go through why wards are so important and gamebreaking.

Why wards?

Many of you might think that a lousy eye placed on the map doesn't do any good nor does it contribute to your own hero.
Well you are very wrong;
Having vision of both runes and enemies prevents you and your teammates from being ganked and will also help you to gank/countergank more effectively as you can foresee what will happen if you jump an enemy hero.

There are some spots on the map which will give you more vision than other due to the fact that these spots are a higher level of terrain. Placing a ward on a higher level of terrain will grant you a larger area of vision over the lower height terrain.

Where do I ward?

Top rune spot


+ Vision over one of the neutral camp spots. Good if enemy team has a jungler.
+ Grants vision uphill to top to prevent enemies standing there to countergank.
+ Vision of rune.


- Doesn't reveal beneath the rune (i.e if an enemy hero stands beneath the rune you can't see him/her thus you dont know what hero got the rune if he/she heads back to mid.)

Top rune spot #2


+ A large area of vision around the rune


- Doesn't reveal the neutral campspot nearby.
- Gives no vision uphill to top.

Mid ancient spot

Not really recommended but works if there is no alternative (i.e they've counterwarded the other spot)


+ Vision of rune.


- Poor vision overall.
- Easy to counter with Scout.

Bot rune spot


+ Good vision of rune.
+ You can see where the hero that takes rune in bot is going due to the fact that you've got vision of both river and the three different routes on legion side.


- Easy to counter with scout.

Bot rune spot #2


+ Vision of rune.
+ Good vision of jungle to prevent being ganked in bot.


- Limited vision of rune.
- Easy to counter with Scout.


I'll be posting my another guide called [Farming GUIDE] Be A Expert Farmer.

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