RE: Buy all compenents.

in Interface Suggestions Fri Jun 04, 2010 5:46 pm
by Quaray Part-Time Leecher of Newerth | 20 Posts

Zitat von Sordit

Zitat von Quaray
In fact I got the v3 interface to work on the LAN version, but for some reason the icons of the items are not shown (and the recommended tab doesn't work and there is another bug but that's not really important).

Unless the icons require the different engine, the new shop system should work on 1.28 too.

LOL. Thats not a problem. You just change in the game.interface from
<include file="game_shop_old.package"/> to <include file="game_shop_v3.package"/>

But the Shop WILL NOT WORK. You can still only fit 12 items into one category, the buy all will not work and the recommended will not work either

Because all this is managed INSIDE the DLLS, which we CANNOT edit atm.

To only thing you will get is more bugs with the shop. Icons not clickable and so on, so you just make it worse than it is right now. Its the reason why I made all the work to add second category-buttons to fit all items inside. You think I whould me all the work if the other shop whould be working?

I tested all stuff out to get the icons working and fit all items in the new shop. It took me some days to be sure that this is REALLY controlled inside the DLLS.

Sorry but I don't want to have an argument with you cause I didn't do anything to you.

Also, the shop actually works in that it is usable, only problem is that the items have no icons (inside the category tabs), the buy all components button works too. (recommended items doesn't work, but that's not that important anyway)

But a shop where all items have no icons is pretty useless as of now.

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RE: Buy all compenents.

in Interface Suggestions Fri Jun 04, 2010 7:12 pm
by Sordit Admin of Newerth | 475 Posts

So if the Buy all Components is working, its not a big problem to include a button in the old shop. I will consider this for the next patch.

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