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Patch 1.3.3
-Added Doctor Repulsor
-Added "Closer to Retail Patch 2"
-Scout fix
-Predator fix
-Electrician: Shild will disable when out of mana.
-Prestilance fix

Patch 1.3.2
-Arachna skill#1 by .GL.
-Bubbles skill#1 recharge fixed ! by .GL.
-Bubbles skill #4 by .GL.
-Chipper's Voice by jvt619
-Deadwood final fix 2nd ability by ifrit21
-Gladiator colliseum recharge fixed by ifrit21
-Immobilized fix pack, which fixes a lot immobilized bugs. Closer to retail now.
-Keeper of the Forest 3rd ability fix by ifrit21
-Scout Skill #1 fixed [recharge done right] by ifrit21
-Tundra ability 4 full fix retail

-Mana Battery by .GL.
-Power supply by .GL.
-Sacrificial Stone [charges fix] by .GL.

-removed version number from backgournd. Added instead to a unclickable button under options with version-nr as lable.
-added a tag "LANEdition by Sordit" above Local Game button.

Patch 1.3.1
-Added "Making it closer to retail"-Patch from .GL.
-Chronos: Changed skill 2 and 3 to retail
-Engineer: Fixed textures of turret
-Slither: Debuff of Wards fixed
-Pollywog Priest: Fixed Textures
-Gladiator: Added Movesounds, fixed skill 3

Patch 1.3.0
-Includes ALL Patches
-All unneeded files removed
-Everything is packed into s2z-files which will increase the loading speed alot.
-Includes most usermade fixes
-Includes PureEvil's latest version of the DotA-Hero Pack
-Includes the new Loadingscreen made by Z
-This version will be the BASE-Version for ALL next Patches.
-New Patches will be released in s2z-format and will be copied to the game-folder.
-New Hero Gladiator added

Patch 1.2.9
-Added Rampage
-Maliken: Skill 1 fixed sword return
-Bubbles: Added animation for skill 2
-Added Fade with little changes to skills
-Tundra: Texutrefix to ultimate.
-Pollywog Priest: Fixed damage of skill 1

-Added the DotA Hero-Pack from pureevil

-Added "Custom Heroes" checkbox to serveroptions.

Patch 1.2.8
-Tundra added. Changes: Skill 1 changed to a attack like witch slayers graveyard. Rest should be like retail.
-Valkyrie: Fixed skill 1
-Soul Reaper: Fixed bug with damage aura.

-disabled stash for secret shop
-removed mana battery from outpost

-enabled Options-button from ingame-Menu
-Added Loadingscreen Tipp for Pause/Unpause
-Added Indicator for Random-Draft
-Extened Hero-Selection-Slots for Normal-Gamemode

Patch 1.2.7
-Added and enabled Sordit as default.
-Chronos fix added
-enabled dreadwood
-fixed electrician skill 1
-fixed pestilance skill 3
-Zephyr: adjusted range of skill 1
-Wildsoul: fixed entangle
-fixed and enabled Maliken
-Voodoo Jester skill 1 damage fixed
-Plague Rider Ultimate animation changed

-fixed ShopStash

-Changed mainmenu-background and added version number

Patch 1.2.6
-Chronos: Changed skill 1 and 3 to retail
-Devourer: Ultimate to SuperiorMagic
-Engineer: Fixed Ultimate
-Enabled Blacksmith because a disabled him as a mistake
-Legionnaire: Fixed description of skill 2 and fixed skill 3

-Frostburn cost to 0

Patch 1.2.5
-Changed Madmans skill 2 to retail
-Changed Pestilence skill 3 to retail.
-Fixed Bubbles skill 2
-Changed Wildsoul skill 1 and 2 to retail.
-Engineer now ready to be tested and will be activated in this patch.
-Fixed Devourers Ultimate

Patch 1.2.4
-Added Bubbles with change to his Ult: Instant stun and Damage instead of the move-effect.
-Andromeda: Little texture change
-Devourer: Changed hook-range to retail.
-Blacksmith: Changed Ult
-Electrician: Changed to retail.
-Swiftblade: Skill 1 makes now magicimmunity.
-Pharao: Changed mumiewall.
-Demented Shaman: Added laughing voice.

-Charged Hammer to retail.
-Rifshards to retail.
-Elder Parasite to retail.
-Fixed Nullstone.
-Fixed Plated Greaves
-Fixed Shieldbreaker
-Thunderclaws to retail.

-Shopaccess for Outpost 2 fixed.

-Fixed alot texture and material bugs.

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