Early game harass|&|Dual killers

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Early game harass..:

+ OR

When having Armadon & Andromeda, kills will be fast but make sure Andromeda will up early her stun to lvl 1, and her bonus damage aura to lvl 2, Comet's stun lvl 1 - 4 has only 1.75 seconds, soo I recommend to lvl it up 1 on early game.

Armadon & Arachna, not too early to kill their enemies fast, Arachna should be lvl 4, to balanced her skills, webbed shot lvl 2, and precision to lvl 2, but Armadon should tank and spam skill to the target, to kill the target successfully.

Dual killers..:

+ OR

This combo requires trust and teamwork!, its easy, When having Pebbles & Pestilence, toss + impale + stalagmites + KILL!!

Well on DotA, Tiny & Techies are ownage!! but now Techies on HoN has no more suicide that has greater aoe damage,

on HoN, Pebbles & Bombardier, max boom dust on ranged creep or Bombardier + toss + stalagmites + sticky bomb or bombardment + KILL!

Well thats all!! THANKS

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