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by ifrit21 Moderator of Newerth | 516 Posts

Ill be uploading my version of hon soon but i want to point out all fixes and changes that i have made


note ill only post items that where not workin and recipes

- mana battery> fully workin like retail
-powersupply> fully workin like retail
-loggers hatchet> fully workin (multiplier numbers will popout stating the damage works)
-void talisman> target can get hit but no damage done the problem was that heroes with lifesteal could heal so added 100% evasion for the effect
-enhanced marchers> disabled unit waliking since unit walking creates a lot of bugs on heroe abilities that has ontouch code.
-bloodchalice> like retail
-striders> fixed provided by gl
-nomes wisdom> will heal the heroe 15 health on ability impact, working
-sacrificial stone> working like retail
-codex>item components like retail
-icebrand>working like retail
-frostburn>working like retail
-nullfireblade> workin like retail. for upgrade to work properly i made another recipe that needs nullfire (its the same nullfire icon but color red)
-harkons blade>working like retail
-brutalizer> had a problem where modifiers got mixed up so even if u where a ranged or melee heroe it always gave ranged modifier. FIXED
-steamboots added to outpost.
-new shop interface v3 with new retail icons


-regeneration>will now expire when heroe is full health and full mana

-glyph>glyph now works properly the only problem is that if all team is dead u cant activate it.


-added some interface mods so ui looks better.
-added weather effects to use them press ctrl+f8 and the following codes
1. exec /shared/effects/rain_fog.cfg (rain with fog)
2.exec /shared/effects/rain_no_fog.cfg (rain with no fog)
3.exec /shared/effects/rain_loop.cfg (always rain with fog)
4.exec /shared/effects/rain_loop_no_fog.cfg (always rain without fog)
5. exec /shared/effects/rain_thunder.cfg (rain with thunder)
6.exec /shared/effects/snow.cfg (snowing)


-new main menu background
-new main menu interface (thanks itorch)
-added music to main menu
-new lobby background
-new lobby music
-new buttons to player seats (thanks Z)
-new ingame music from warcraft and final fantasy XIII
-new stringables from retail hon added


-accursed>like retail
-andromeda>like retail
-arachna>like retail
-armadon>like retail
-wretched hag>like retail
-behemoth>like retail
-bephelgor>almost like retail thanks to ingwe
-bubbles>like retail
-chipper>almost like retail 2nd ability slows 40% on all sides on lv4 and 3rd ability gives magic armor
-chronos>like retail
-corrupted disciple> very very playable thanks to idsan and gl. fixed 2nd ability
-deadwood>like retail
-defiler>like retail
-devourer>like retail
-plague rider>like retail
-doctor repulsor>like retail havent figure out texture bug from 1st ability but 3rd ability textures work fine
-blacksmith>like retail
-slither>like retail
-electrician>like retail
-engineer>heroe not selectable yet because i want to leave him as close to retail as possible so in this version he is not available
-fade>like retail
-nymphoria>like retail
-flint beastwood>like retail
-forsaken archer>like retail, skeletons are controllable in this version
-glacius>like retail
-gaunlet>fixed provided by ingwe. just made a little tweak to the effects of 1st ability
-gladiator>like retail
-hammerstorm>like retail
-night hound>like retail
-hellbringer>like retail
-soul reaper>like retail
-swiftblade>like retail
-blood hunter>like retail
-magebane>like retail, 3rd ability will damage 100 magic damage at level 4 to heroes that casts spells
-jereziah>like retail
-kraken>like retail
-moonqueen>like retail
-thunderbringer>like retail
-legionnaire>like retail, changed 2nd ability to old ability since 2nd new ability cant be stopped. (its kinda a lose situation)
-magnus>like retail
-maliken>like retail
-pharoah>like retail
-ophelia>like retail
-panda>like retail
-pestilence>like retail
-pollywog priest>like retail
-predator>like retail
-puppetmaster>like retail
-pyromancer>like retail
-rampage>1st skill is controllable since not controlling him is kinda stupid u can get killed if target heroe goes to the fountain, ability 4 is still old one.
-pebbles>like retail
-sand wraith>not fixable atm.
-madman>like retail
-scout>like retail
-demented shaman>like retail
-soul stealer>like retail
-succubus>like retail, 3rd ability wont make any damage but can sleep others if they are attacked and expires when damaged by abilities.
-tempest>like retail
-keeper of the forest>like retail
-tundra>like retail
-valkyrie>like retail
-dark lady>like retail
-vindicator>since 3rd ability cancels channeling spells on beggining its to overpowered ability so i made a new one that on attack hast a chance to silcence the opponent and when a enemy heroe dies he gains 2 int per charge like on retail.
-voodoo jester>like retail
-witch slayer>like retail
-warbeast>like retail
-torturer>like retail
-wildsoul>like retail
-zephyr>like retail, 4th skill slows the same on all areas. damage reduced and cyclons now spawns on zyphyr when using ulti

i thinks this is it guys. i want to thank sordit, gl, ingwe, z, and all the community that has made possible this epic 5 months work and i hope all u guys like what i did.

sordit i want to thanks u for putting this opportunity to have our own hon lan. now we can play with close friends with out using internet or play at tunngle with our forum friends. u made this all possible man and i hope u like what i did.

thanks everyone for the support

GL man u are the man i could not do this without u with our nonstop brainstorming.




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